Are time and labor savings one of your top priorities?

Then look no further than SOPRASMART!

SOPRASMART Application.jpg

  • SOPRASMART products are fast, durable and efficient 
  • The combined roof membrane and coverboard offer installers ease of application and valuable time and labor savings
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment for consistency
  • Coverboard options include SOPRABOARD high density polyisocryanurate foam board and high density rock wool (XP)


Introducing SOPRASMART Board 180 ISO, a 3-in-1 SOPRASMART Product

To provide you with even more time and labor savings, we have developed the SOPRASMART Board 180 ISO products. These new products combines our SOPRABOARD's high performance SBS-modified bitumen base ply, our asphaltic coverboard and two inches of SOPRA-ISO polyisocyanurate insulation into one step. By factory laminating these three installation steps into one, we have eliminated the need to place each product down individually - resulting in major time and labor savings! 


Watch the time and labor savings with your own eyes!  


Still don't believe us? During the 2017 International Roofing Expo, we did live product demonstrations to show the benefits of the product. Check out the recap video.