soprasmart®: Proven Time and labor savings


205 Avenue C - New York, New York

For the 205 Avenue C project, PCGNY worked with the building management company to develop the best roof replacement solution. The system combines the new, patented technology of SOPRASMART SBS-modified bitumen, with the trusted assurance of ALSAN® RS, creating a waterproof and durable cool roof. SOPRASMART laminated boards combine the roof membrane and coverboard into one installation layer, saving the installer time and labor. This patented product is the first and only in its category, bringing material savings to the equation as well.

205Avenue.jpg“Using SOPRASMART as a two-in-one is an excellent solution. It was great to be able to accomplish things quicker, without compromising performance,” said Dariusz Ciach, president of PCGNY. PCGNY applied ALSAN RS white liquid applied membrane on top of the SOPRASMART. The ALSAN RS system features a dramatically fast cure time while providing durable application, and the white color allows the building to reflect heat rather than transfer it to the building and occupants below, saving on cooling costs and providing a more comfortable living space.

“The two SOPREMA products worked seamlessly together and eliminated the need to prime the cap sheet on top, again saving us time and material cost, as opposed to using a standard gypsum board over insulation which would have required a primer,” said Ciach. With SOPRASMART laminated boards, PCGNY estimates a 30-35% savings in labor costs alone. “We have not seen a learning curve with using this product. The installation is so fast and easy our contractors are able to work quickly, again saving on the labor cost.”